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Profile details

Name: Dr. Dennis Kong Ket Ming
Undergraduate Qualifications: MBBS ( Melbourne )
Qualifications :
Clinical Interest: Cataract and Comprehensive Ophthalmology , Complex cataract surgeries

Dr Dennis Kong Ket Ming is the Founding Medical Director of Eye Specialist Centre Kuching which is a group eye specialist practice and one of the largest in Sarawak and Sabah. He started the Eye Specialist Centre in April 2015 with a few Senior Eye Surgeons.

Practice general comprehensive ophthalmology including complex cataract and phaco cataract surgeries, external eye diseases, glaucoma, medical retina, eyelids, squints etc. He has a special interest in phaco and implant cataract and complex cataract surgeries.

Dr Kong did his undergraduate studies in Melbourne, Australia and eye specialist training in London, UK before returning to work at Hospital Kuala Lumpur and and was also Head of Eye Department of Sarawak General Hospital. He was practicing at Normah Medical Specialist Centre as a Consultant Eye Surgeon with a special interest in phaco and implant cataract surgery until March of 2015.

He has also been invited as a speaker in national and regional eye seminars, organized numerous symposiums/ meetings and is also involved in publications and ongoing research projects.

Also been involved with numerous overseas and local charity surgical eye camps, eye screening campaigns and public health education seminars / lectures.


Awards / Position / Membership :

  1. Outstanding Service in Prevention of Blindness by Asia-Pacific Academy of Ophthalmology ( APAO ) in South Korea in 2012.
  2. Chairman of Sarawak Society of the Blind Kuching Branch 2013-2015 and was Chairman of Committee for Wellness and Prevention of Blindness.
  3. Chairman ( October 2010 to 2013 ) , Committee on Wellness and Prevention of Blindness, National Council for the Blind, Malaysia.
  4. Chairman, Sarawak State Committee for Eye Donation 2000 to 2015.
  5. National Specialist Register ( Ophthalmology ) Malaysia.
  6. Asia Pacific Academy of Corneal and Refractive Surgeons
  7. Malaysian Society of Ophthalmology ( MSO ) Service Award 2019