General Post Operation Information

Patients are advised to follow this post operation guide.

  1. Use the eyedrops and medication as prescribed by your doctor/nurse/pharmacist after surgery. Remember to start your medication at the time specified, e.g. most eye drops and tablets are taken soon after surgery such as pain-killers, etc.
  2. If more than one eye medication is due at the same time, the eyedrops may be instilled five minutes apart to ensure time for good absorption of the eyedrops and reduce overflow and wastage. Usually apply ointment last if prescribed.
  3. If you had been putting eyedrops in the non-operated eye, continue as they were prescribed or advise by your doctor.
  4. Eye shield to be worn over the operated eye , especially bedtime to prevent inadvertently rubbing the eye for a week.
  5. Avoid splashing water into the eye in the first few days after operation. Clean cotton wool moisten with water can be used to clean your eye gently to remove discharge or crusts.
  6. No eye rubbing and do not to apply pressure to your eyes in the especially first week and even later.
  7. It is important to keep your appointment with your eye doctor after surgery.
  8. If you experience severe persistent pain, excessive discharge or any worsening of symptoms and decreasing vision, please contact our Centre immediately.
  9. After certain vitreo retinal procedure head posturing may be necessary and flying may be prohibited for a period of time when gases have been inserted into your eye during the operation. You will be advised by your doctor.