Useful Patient Information

Some useful information for patient.

1. What to bring along during visit ?

Referral letter or medical report, any investigations done, medication and eyedrops etc.
Please also bring along the glasses that you normally use.

2. Do I need to make an appointment ?

It will be preferable especially if you want to see a particular eye specialist.

3. Can I drive ?

Usually your eyes will be dilated for the examination and vision will be slightly blurred for about 3 hours and patient are advise not to drive and to wear sunglasses.

4. How much time is the consultation ?

A comprehensive eye examination including dilatation of pupils can easily take up to 1 hour. If additional investigations and procedures are necessary, then your visit can be longer. So please allow enough time for consultation.

5. Why is eye screening important ?

( see Patient Information / General Information / Eye Screening)

6. Post operation care

( see Patient Information / General Information / General Post Operation Information )